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We've been rolling out a new bespoke imaging solution developed in-house for Scrumpy building on our years of experience building high traffic property and property listing websites including It's a powerful technology that is completely invisible to both our clients and their customers.

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Happy new year! We hope you got a chance to put your feet up and relax over the festive period. With 2015 being a such a successful year for our property owners and Facebook being such an important channel for driving traffic to your website, we have put together a guide of top hints for your holiday property Facebook page to help to drive success for 2016!

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It’s been a very busy year, we've released 13 updates made up of over 1136 ‘commits’ which are in turn made up of thousands of lines of code additions, tweaks and changes. We’re delighted to see continued success from all of our clients and can’t wait to develop new features to help everyone market, manage and optimise their holiday rental businesses next year.

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Today we’re launching various enhancements and new features. This update is focused on reducing the amount of time needed when managing bookings. The key changes in this update include: ‘SMS’ messaging for management, Party Flag Alerts when new bookings have been made and the ability to charge a fee when guests add pets to their booking.

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We have just finished work on a new theme called Royal. This theme is elegant and stylish and is perfect to show off your luxury accommodation with large banner images.

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The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Therefore, we are giving our customers the opportunity the reduce their monthly SCRUMPY bill and potentially earn money if they refer a property owner or agency to us who then signs up to SCRUMPY!

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