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Hot on the heels of 1.16.0 we’ve got another big update! 1.17.0 is packed with more requested features. Guests can now purchase extras for their bookings via the new ‘Chargeable Extras’ feature. We’ve overhauled the seasons/pricing administration to make it easier and faster to define your pricing. Ongoing research has lead to a number of conversion driven changes to sites which will have a positive impact on enquiry/booking conversion rates.

Starting with Chargeable Extras, customers can now define items/services that can be purchased at the time of booking or after booking. Guests can purchase extras from their ‘My Booking’ area and will even be reminded to look at the extras they could enhance their booking with. The value of the extras they’ve chosen gets added to their booking as an adjustment. We’re excited to see how customers use this new feature, its going to both free up time spent describing extras to guests over the phone and increase the number of guests purchasing extras since they can now do it online.

We took a long look at the way customers use the seasons admin/calendar, made a list of the pain points and then made it our mission to eradicate them. The new seasons admin allows customers to drag and drop season start/ends to resize seasons, define new seasons at the same time as pricing and modify existing season pricing in-place faster than before. Customers can also now define prices for multiple stay-types without leaving the page.

We’ve identified areas of improvement on the front-end of customers websites using analytics tools. You’ll notice better booking form validation to help reduce errors, images of rooms + floorplans on the room configuration page to help remind guests of the rooms at the property and improvements to the payment process to make it clearer when progress is taking place + when payments have been successful.

We’ve squeezed in lots of other requested features and changes, you can see the full list below in the changelog. 

We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!