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The new SCRUMPY website for Cotswolds Mill is live and ready to take bookings!

This beautiful accommodation is located in a peaceful rural area and is ideal for individuals or groups of people who would want to feel inspired to make progress with their work without any distractions whatsoever. 

As mentioned before, Cotswolds Mill is a beneficial place to stay for individuals who just want to make progress with their work with no distractions due to the peaceful rural setting of the accommodation. This is because all individuals have full access to all areas of the self-catering accommodation (which includes kitchen, dining room, drawing room, sitting room, bedrooms with individual desks etc.) which can give them many opportunities to effectively crack on with some work.

However, if you are a group of individuals willing to get on with some important work, then Cotswolds Mill is the place for you to stay, as they can accommodate up to 15 guests and each guest are provided with a desk for them to make progress on any sort of independent work. They also have access to all the spacious areas of the accommodation, a drawing and dining room, a kitchen and sitting rooms. If you all want to feel even more calm or inspired, then Cotswolds Mill also offers extra activities, like yoga, meditiation and group discussions that can all be ideal for you mentally.

If you are interested in the idea of staying in this beautiful house and are willing to make progress with professional work without any distractions thanks to its lovely and peaceful rural setting, then please visit Cotswolds Mill's new website at Also, if you are an owner of a self-catering holiday property and want a new website for your property, please do not hesitate to contact the Scrumpy team!

Please also note that the new Cotswolds Mill site is a "Lite Site" (meaning that it has no calendars nor direct bookings) and that it is utilising our "free websites for one property" offer. If you would like to know more information about this, then please visit the Free Websites article

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