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We've been very busy! So busy that we couldn’t fit all the new features into the title of this update! So here’s a list of the new features: Agency Booking Commission, Cancellation Management, Instagram Integration, Refund Protection from Booking Protect and Ratings & Awards! We’ve been working on this update for nearly 2 months, we’ve packed in 5 major new features and dozens of improvements, fixes and performance increases.

Starting with Agency Booking Commission, we’re now allowing Agencies to take commission for bookings that take place through their website + Owners can see the cut they’re getting and the bookings details through their admin system.

Cancellation Management is a really useful feature that helps to match together possible ‘replacement’ bookings and extends the cancellation procedure to take into account the amount you may wish to withhold from the customer. This feature will help those owners who’s Cancellation Policy states that “unless a booking is replaced X may be withheld”. Customers can now be sent an email when you cancel their booking.

We’ve added another area to our Social Media features in the form of Instagram Integration. Once you’ve hooked up your Instagram account we’ll display a ‘Follow Us’ button in your footer and your recent Instagram images on the side of your blog.

We’ve added integration with Refund Protection provider ‘Booking Protect’. ‘Booking Protect’ allows you to offer your customers Refund Protection at the time of checkout. Customers will see a ‘Protect my booking’ prompt during the booking process. ‘Booking Protect’ will give you commission of 30% on any sale of their Refund Protection product! You can find out more and sign up from the ‘Site Settings / Booking Protect’ section of your admin.

Building on our TripAdvisor Integration we now allow you to show off your property's ratings and awards via a comprehensive selection including ‘Visit England’ and ‘AA’ ratings. You can also choose to display these awards in the footer of your site to show off your hard earned awards. Ratings are displayed in property listings and Ratings/Awards are displayed on your property's page.

We’ve squeezed in lots of other requested features and changes, you can see the full list below in the changelog. 

We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!