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The new SCRUMPY website for South West Holiday Retreats is live and ready to take bookings!

South West Holiday Retreats (or SWHR) prioritises in helping you with searching for the best accommodation in Cornwall and Devon that are specifically located in some beautiful areas!

South West Holiday Retreats does this by listing properties of independent property owners and UK-based letting agencies and will provide you with all the tools and information that can allow you to look at the properties and contact the owners or agents. SWHR does not manage the bookings of the properties, all they do is list the properties on their site and allow you to visit the property's website, which is where the bookings can be managed. Nevertheless, South West Holiday Retreats is extremely helpful with finding the right holiday property for you.

The Clean Theme has allowed South West Holiday Retreats to add plenty of content to her homepage, whilst boasting large banner style images at the top of each page, against a modern white background that is easy to sea and use. If you want to know more about what the Clean Theme is like, then please visit Scrumpy's demo clean theme site at

Taking advantage of our Agency features, South West Holiday Retreats have access to advanced reporting, commission tools and a dedicated "List my property" page to entice new owners to sign up. If you want to know more about Scrumpy's Agency features, then please click here.

Therefore, if you are planning to stay in Cornwall or Devon but have no idea with deciding on what property to stay in during your holiday, then South West Holiday Retreats can help you with searching for the best property for you to stay in during your time away, so please visit the website at Also, if you an owner of a self-catering property yourself in either Cornwall or Devon and want it advertised and more noticeable, then SWHR can also help you with that. All you need to do is contact Sarah of South West Holiday Retreats by clicking here for further details. And finally, if you are an owner of a self-catering property and you want a new website created for your property, then please do not hesitate to contact the team at Scrumpy!

If you want to view properties in Devon that are listed by South West Holiday Retreats, then please look by clicking here. Whereas, if you want to view the properties in Cornwall that are listed by South West Holiday Retreats, then please click the link here.

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