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Update 1.27.0 banner.full

In this update we’ve added the ability for you to add chargeable extras against a specific property. By allowing a chargeable extra to be restricted to a specific property we’re opening up many new uses for chargeable extras 🎉

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Update 1.26.0 banner.full

In this update we’re introducing ‘Quick Reply’. Quick Reply allows you to put together branded replies to enquiries that detail properties and their availability. Quick Reply can automatically compose an email reply with relevant properties & availability. 🤖

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Update 1.25.0 banner.full

In this update we’ve improved the house keeping functionality with some extra polish and some great new functionality including a list of confirmed bookings, a new calendar view, confirmation emails and iCal feeds to allow house keepers to keep up to date offline access to their bookings on their phone.

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Update 1 24 blog.full

In this update we’ve applied a fine layer of polish to the system in the form of many small improvements, a couple of helpings of new functionality and we’ve addressed a number of niggles. You can now view the properties a customer viewed before making an enquiry, its easier to add chargeable extras to bookings and we’ve kicked the Availability Report up to 11 🤘 with new functionality.

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