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If you are new to the self-catering industry or have even been letting your property or properties for some time now, it may have crossed your mind whether your business actually needs a website and its significance to organic bookings.

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The technology used behind and on the internet is constantly evolving. If you still want to be found and viewed on it - you have to keep up. Burying your head in the sand isn’t an option.

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Within SCRUMPY we have a feature called Holiday Ideas. Holiday ideas are a powerful tool in generating unique landing pages to help improve search engine exposure for your website.

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The way you are represented online can very quickly determine whether someone deems you worth their time. Opinions are often formed within seconds, so it is vital that your business is portrayed positively by both your website & social media.

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It may seem strange to start talking about the next season when the current one isn’t over yet. But at this midway point, it’s smart to look to the future, especially in the self-catering industry.

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