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Following last year’s success, SCRUMPY are offering customers the chance to both reduce the cost of your subscription AND get rewarded for it!

Recommend SCRUMPY’s all in one solution for holiday property management to another owner before the end of January to receive a £50 giftcard of your choice! 

With each successful referral you could also benefit from an ongoing discount from your own bill. We reward customers who put in a good word and as a way of saying thank you, will deduct 10% of the refers subscription against your own.

For example, if you are to introduce a property owner who signs up with one property at £50 per month, you would then earn £5 off your own SCRUMPY bill. This discount isn’t just a one off, and is valid for as long as you are both paying customers.

With no limits on recommendations, you could soon be seeing a much cheaper subscription and have lots of vouchers at your disposal!

Offer expires Thursday 31st January

  • To claim simply press the “Refer a friend” button in your admin

  • Discount to your accounts subscription is valid once referrals website goes live

  • Bill reduction only applicable whilst referral is a paying SCRUMPY customer

  • A new referral has to sign up by 31/01/2018

Let us know if you would like to earn commission or have any suggestions.