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Santa has delivered some presents early in the form of new features! 🎅 The elves have been working hard on a number of improvements and are excited to get them into your hands. They’ve put in a configurable limit on the number of pets allowed at a property, made it easier for guests to provide more accurate guest numbers, added toggles for gathering certain details and more.

The new pet limit feature means you can stop guests from bringing their 10 dogs by imposing a sensible limit on the number of pets that can be taken to your holiday property; this should help free up time spent manually checking bookings and make it clearer to the guest how many dogs is too many.

Next up, the ability to turn off the gathering of ‘title’, since there really aren’t that many instances where you need to know your guest is a Baroness; it’s still there if you’d like to gather this but for the most part everyone's booking forms just got 1 field smaller and smaller booking forms means less typing, more booking.

Alongside the ability to turn off the title field we’ve also added the ability to turn off the gathering of email addresses for additional guests, again its something very few people need, most people are happy with just the lead booker's email address; smaller booking form, happier guests.

One for all the agencies out there, a new ‘inconsistent cuts’ booking working list has been added; the inconsistent cuts working list shows you all the bookings where you’ve overridden the cuts but those don’t add up to the total. Longterm we’ve got some improvements to booking financials planned which mean agencies will be less likely to have to reach for that ‘override splits’ button.

We’re excited for 2019 and can’t wait to continue improving the system & delivering new features to help make managing holiday properties easier. January is usually the biggest month for bookings for the industry and we’re thrilled to be a part of this with so many great customers and hope it brings every one of you success.

We’ll be monitoring the system and checking in on the support email at over the festive period and will have additional resources spun up to help deal with demand in the new year. For more details on our festive opening hours see here:

To help you make the most of the new season (and after such a great response last year) SCRUMPY’s January promotion for SCRUMPY Lite users is back! We are offering a 6 month free trial to upgrade your website to our SCRUMPY 'Full' package, allowing you to display an availability calendar, take online bookings and utilise our extra time saving features at no additional cost. If this is something that is of interest to you then please get in touch and we will set you up with your full SCRUMPY website in January.