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The SCRUMPY platform provides powerful websites tailored for holiday properties, built for owners, guests and proven to get results.

The Research

Many years of experience in the self catering industry, building websites exclusively for Property Owners and Agencies, has given us an in-depth insight into what truly works. From attracting visitors in the first instance, earning their attention and providing an effortless way to browse, to presenting the right information at the right time, so they can fluently make the transition into a paying guest. SCRUMPY can give your business the foundations to succeed online.

Calculated decisions driven by data

We monitor our sites to get real visitor data and a genuine understanding of your customers. This invaluable intelligence has shaped each feature of our website platform and has enabled us to confidently provide you with the best possible page formats and layouts. Our decision making is backed by tangible buying trends, we don’t just do it because it looks nice. 

Take browsing at galleries for example. A large proportion of visitors were looking at images, and immediately looking for the availability calendar or contact page; so we took note and implemented call to action buttons at the bottom of all property galleries. Subsequently and to no surprise, we have seen an increase in conversions since.

Modern technology

There are many benefits to having your self catering website on the SCRUMPY platform. For one, we take care of the technology so you don’t have to. This means that when the likes of Google start rewarding or penalising websites for either meeting or not meeting a particular requirement, we’ve got it covered. In fact, we’re normally one step ahead so you can rest assured that your website is utilising the latest technology and compliant to your needs.

You also get access to and benefit from a suite of features that have been commissioned by other Owners, Property Managers & Agencies. The likelihood is if another self catering business was coming across a problem, that you may also too, which is why we build solutions to help everyone who uses our system.

Industries best calendar

Does any of this sound familiar? Struggling to locate the calendar on a website, only to find once you’ve clicked several buttons, it takes far too long to load? Or that it opens up in a separate popup or is a link to someone else's website? Maybe it appears instantly, however it's not easy to read or use? You have to scroll down to a separate section or even to an entirely different page to find pricing, and go between the two cross referencing? Or it’s one of those that only displays the current month and you have to click through, 30 days at a time, to get to the dates you actually want to see? Possibly you’ve gone through all of that and would like to proceed, but can’t, because it is just a calendar and doesn’t offer online bookings.

Unfortunately there are a lot of poor systems out there - it’s actually why we created our own in the first place. It would be a very bold statement to say SCRUMPY’s calendar and booking system is the best, yet we can claim with confidence that it is attractive, loads quickly, is compatible across all devices, displays all availability at once, with start dates, prices and has a user friendly checkout process built in (with optional cancellation insurance).

But don’t just take our word for it, why not see for yourself?  

Calendar example 

Plus all this other stuff

At SCRUMPY we don’t just do websites, in fact that's only the tip of the iceberg. Attached and accessible via our sites is a comprehensive software, which puts you in control with a powerful booking engine, marketing and management tools. The suite can give access to different roles via our My Booking' portal for guests, Housekeeping portal for changeovers and an ‘Owner’ portal if you’re an agency.

Our system is designed to connect everything together and make things simpler. A single place to amend site content, for guests to make requests and to collate financial reports. We provide business owners with everything they could possibly need to get direct bookings, promote themselves online and save time from unnecessary administrative tasks.

Interested? We’d love to share how we can help - let us get to know one another. 

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