Websites and Software for Owners & Agencies

At SCRUMPY we offer what we think is the perfect solution for holiday property management.

Agency features

Whether you handle several properties, or thousands, our all in one system provides the tools necessary to organise and maximise potential. Already have an online presence? No worries, SCRUMPY isn’t just another website. Think of us as your Diary, Calendar, Personal assistant and website all rolled into one. A central hub that can take bookings, generate reports and automate time consuming tasks.  

Having worked with Agencies for some time now, with what was initially built around one client’s needs, has since developed into a feature packed software that empowers hundreds of self catering businesses.

We are all too aware that everyone has their own idea of how to go about their business, and you’ll be pleased to hear we’re not about to tell you how to run yours (unless you want us to and we’ll be more than happy to advise!) Instead the SCRUMPY platform can be tailored to the way you work.


Working exclusively in the holiday let industry, our websites are built upon years of research of browsing and booking trends. We present your properties in the best possible light, allowing for logical navigation and an even better booking process. Compatibility across all devices, along with bank grade security and unrivalled search engine optimisation, contribute to a high end and modern offering.

All websites powered by SCRUMPY are also future proofed. We are constantly deploying the latest technologies and techniques, to prevent functionality from becoming outdated. This is inclusive of our service and one of many perks of joining the platform.

Tailored for self catering holidays, we have a selection of pre fabricated website designs, of which have been proven to convert many visits into bookings. These can be customised to incorporate your company’s branding, as well as colour schemes. Alternatively we can offer bespoke designs upon request.


As a cloud based platform, the SCRUMPY software is accessed via logging into your website. Following the links found at the bottom of any page, allows entry to one of three, separate but linked, portals. Each user has access to relevant features with varying permissions and visibility for that role. There is no limit to the number of logins and each comes with its own activity log which is visible by the Agency.

The three different levels of user are:

  • Agency User - Full access and control over the system, including: website content, booking management, activity dashboard, reporting, social media, blogs, users and email notifications.
  • Property Owner - Availability calendar, where bookings and unavailable dates can be added. Financials month by month that only show Owners cut. Ability to add housekeepers and assign them to their properties. No limit to the quantity of properties per owner.
  • Housekeeper - Bookings calendar with ical feed, with the ability to add notes, communicate to guests & call the property owner.

Alternatively, if one of your clients is already a customer of SCRUMPY, they can be added to your Agency site as a Property Owner. They will still have full control over their original separate website, with both calendars directly talking to each other.

Booking Management

Our powerful booking management allows the Guest, Property Owner and Agency to seamlessly use one system. Bookings can be placed by either the guest on the front end of the website or by a user in the backend software. We haven’t limited the different methods of creation and instead allow you and your customers to decide what suits them best.

Calendar (frontend) - Our industry leading, large year view calendar is both easy to read and use. Availability is displayed instantly within its property specific page without any unnecessary clicking or waiting. A simple key with customisable colour codes, breaks down Available Start Dates, Available and Booked dates as well as Special Offers.

‘My Booking’ - After a booking has been placed, each guest has their own unique reference number. When used in combination with their email allows access to the guests portal. From here they can make payments, view T’s & C’s, adjust guest details, set room configurations, purchase extras, get directions, ask questions, and view all previous correspondence. Essentially they can get every answer and perform all actions related to their stay without having to speak to someone - if they so wish.

Calendar (backend) - A multitude of combinations can be set by configuring seasons and stay types, allowing for multiple change over days and pricing customisations. Dates can potentially be input as far as 3 years in advance. As expected, bookings can also be placed from the calendar, as well as blocking out dates.

Synchronisation - If your properties are listed on other sites, you can keep their availability accurate by connecting with an iCal feed. Then by using SCRUMPY as your master calendar and keeping it up to date, it will then push unavailable dates out to these external channels. Allowing you to only need to update one calendar, as opposed to many.   

Automation - Once configured, the system can automatically carry out a booking from start to finish. It performs certain processes at specific time points, such as running: Payment Deposits, Security Deposits, sending of T’s & C’s, Bedroom Configurations, Check-in Details and Post Stay Feedback. Alternatively you can manually send or the guest can access from their portal.

Booking Offer - An efficient method of creating a booking for your guest that requires minimal effort from the Agency. Essential information such as Name, Email, Property & Dates are initially required, then the system sends a ‘Booking Offer’ email which contains a link to a pre populated checkout. The offer can expire after a set duration or can even include a reduced rate, it then places the dates on hold until the guest commits to paying. From here the guest fills out the rest of the form, which is connected to the ‘My Booking’ portal.

Enquiries - If a visitor uses the sites enquiry form, there are optional fields that help to prefill a response, such as a specific property or date. When the Agency views the enquiry, the software can automatically produce a templated response, containing Booking Offers for a range of suggestions associated to the details given. Alternatively a potential client can select ‘List my property’ as the subject heading.

Booking Protect - At the time of booking, guests have the option to take out cancellation insurance through the external provider Booking Protect. This benefits both the guest and yourself, adding not only reassurance, but a way to increase your basket spend. You earn 30% of the 5% fee paid, a simple way to grow the cost of your bookings.

Special offers - If you are struggling to sell specific dates, they can be marked as a ‘Special offer’, along with a name, description and price. The offer is then highlighted on your calendar, shows in availability searches, as well as creating a new special offers page. It can also be linked into our Broadcast feature, where you can mass mail to previously stayed guests and subscribers.


Our websites and software collect and contain a lot of data (Don’t panic about GDPR, we and our system are fully compliant, we even have our own Privacy & GDPR feature!) This can be utilised to streamline the day to day running of your business or even help you make difficult decisions.

At the touch of a button 13 reports are available, many of which can be downloaded into a .csv file, for export if necessary. We’ve also taken care of the normally difficult task of calculating commission. SCRUMPY automatically distributes financial splits to show who gets what.

The reports are as follows: Availability, Occupancy, Financial Reconciliation, Finance, Feedback, Booking Volume, Channel, Future Income, Agency, Owner Receipt, Agency Share, Owner Property Share & Owner Share.

List your property

Growth is key to any businesses success, and yours is as important to us, as it is to you. A dedicated ‘List your Property’ page can be found from searches or in the footer of your site. It allows new potential property owners and listings to find out more about your company and why they should join, once here they can fill out a form to get in touch.


We are made up of a small dedicated team who are on hand to assist with set up, technical know how and general SCRUMPY related support. Our extensive user guides are packed full of hints, tips and walkthroughs and available at plus we're only a call away via 01935 424255.

Recommend a friend

At SCRUMPY we like to reward our clients for referring successful new business. So if you know a property owner who wants their own website, you can recommend them and get a permanent 10% reduction of their bill against your own!

On top of this, if you previously had the property within your agency, you no longer have to pay for this license AND you still get to keep it within your portfolio. We don’t double charge for a property, allowing you to recommend as many sites as you like and potentially pay nothing!

Due to the nature of our platform, this offers unrivalled synchronization between websites, especially when it comes to availability calendars.

Are we missing something?

At SCRUMPY our 15 plus years in the self catering industry has allowed us to compile a comprehensive solution for holiday property management. We are constantly deploying the latest techniques and technologies to ensure our websites will not go out of date. As well as working with and listening to our existing customers.

However, if you think there is a feature that we are missing, then we would love to know! It may already be on our list for development, but if that’s not the case and it’s important to you, we may very well be able to incorporate this functionality for you.