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Your customers journey is very important and integral to the success of your business. Using your website and in turn placing a booking should not be difficult.

Put yourself in your guests shoes

Take a step back for a moment. Let’s say you were to book a table at a restaurant or a night at a hotel. What would you consider before booking somewhere?

  • Pictures - Does it look good?
  • Availability - Can I even consider it?
  • Reviews - Have others recommended?
  • Location - Does it work for me?

To find all of these details you will most likely have to visit a website, and in an ideal world these should be readily available and easy to find.

Is this the case for your businesses website?

Bare in mind you may not be the only place the customer is considering. If the crucial information is not quickly found or navigation is difficult, you may find that they have already closed your page and are looking elsewhere.

It is essential that your website is informative and answers all questions a guest may have.

Are these areas discouraging potential bookers:

  • Clutter - is there unnecessary menus, buttons and irrelevant pictures?
  • Navigation - is the journey smooth, logical and prevent unnecessary frustration?
  • Calendar - is it easy to find, load quickly and easy to understand?
  • Contact - is your mobile, landline and email correct?

When did you last try to book one of your properties?

This is paramount. A future guest is on your website, they’ve made the decision to place a booking… then something goes wrong, checkout abandoned and custom is lost.

There are various explanations as to why someone may change their mind about booking, but do not allow your booking process be the reason they don’t commit!

For you to truly see if this is a problem, put yourself in your customers shoes and place a booking on your website.

Pay particular attention to:

  • Mobile friendliness - More than half of the internet’s traffic happens on a mobile device. It is vital that the customer experience is as easy on a phone, as it is on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Forms - Does the booking allow for easy data entry? Many users use ‘autofill’ to save personal details, does your booking engine accommodate this?
  • Payment - The key is to give your customers options. If an offline BAC'S transfer is the only option, or you can only send a cheque in the post, it is likely that this doesn’t accommodate for everyone.
  • Time - How long does it actually take? How many clicks does it take? Is the process too long?

Booking on a SCRUMPY website

Lots of research has gone into developing our system, and the booking process is no exception. We have paid particular attention to design websites that are easy to browse, present details clearly and allow customers to place bookings stress free.

Curious? How about giving it a quick go! It should take you no longer than a minute or two. Take a look at our demonstration site below and have a play (but don’t worry, we won’t expect you to stay in our pretend properties…)

All guests who book through a SCRUMPY website get a unique booking number. This allows access to our ‘My Booking’ portal.

If you didn’t place a mock booking before, feel free to use these details to take a look:

‘My Booking’

Booking Reference: 88

Email Address:

From within the ‘My Booking’ portal, guests can:

  • View their Booking
  • View Terms & Conditions
  • Adjust Guests
  • Security Deposit
  • Check in Details
  • Remaining Balance
  • Purchase Extras
  • Alternative Payment Instructions
  • Ask Questions
  • Make a Payment
  • Get Directions
  • Print your Booking

As you can see SCRUMPY have made things as easy as possible for your guests. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more.