Update 1.32.0 banner.full

We’ve been putting together this version for a while so it's hard to summarise but here it goes: Google Tag Manager integration allowing you to bring your own marketing plugins, overhauled maps to bring them into 2018, sped up average page load times by 24% and sped up the property filter page for some searches by up to 340% 🤟.

Google Tag Manager integration is in, this means if you are given some JavaScript by your trusted advertising guru you can now easily drop it in. In the near future we’ll be adding data layer support & switching Google Analytics over to this to give you full e-commerce tracking, for those of you that are into that 🤓.

We’ve switched away from Google Maps, the way in which we had to load it meant we were increasing the weight of every page, even if they didn’t include a map. The new maps only include their logic when the visitor is on a page with a map, thus lowering the weight of pages around the site. The new maps open new avenues into customisation and will soon allow us to offer a map view of your properties.

Performance is an ongoing battle when you're adding as many features as we do each update, it is a fight to try to maintain or improve performance. We’re winning the fight through continued improvements in system architecture & hardware, in this update we’re seeing a 24% improvement in page load times, huge improvements of up to 340% in availability searches and 200% improvements in calendar page load times.

The weight of our pages continues to tumble with refined source sets and a push for individual JavaScript packages per page with shared common assets rather than an overall ‘site wide’ JavaScript file; that might not mean anything to you, but its great for mobile visitors.

Among other changes are special offer whitelists, original prices for special offers, new awards, chargeable extra details via owner login and much more.

Check out the changelog for the full list of changes and please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via