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In this update we’ve improved the house keeping functionality with some extra polish and some great new functionality including a list of confirmed bookings, a new calendar view, confirmation emails and iCal feeds to allow house keepers to keep up to date offline access to their bookings on their phone.

Confirmation emails are now being sent out to property owners to help confirm when a booking has been secured (on initial payment) and house keepers receive an email to let them know they’ve been added to a future booking. This is a great way of agencies keeping their owners and house keepers informed of the status of bookings.

The improvements in the House Keeping section should help those house keepers who take a larger role in the property by giving them a list of confirmed upcoming bookings (both in order received and closest first) and new calendars that show provisional and confirmed bookings. Alongside the new confirmation emails that house keepers get we’ve also improved the existing ‘reminder’ emails that go out 24 hours before a guest arrives. All house keeping emails now contain a link that brings the house keeper into their portal to view full details of the booking. 

The new iCal feed allows house keepers to simply click ‘Add to Calendar’ to subscribe to the bookings. Once added to a device the iCal feed will be updated automatically with new bookings, cancellations, changes in configuration, etc. The bookings in the feed will be added to the users calendar and available offline, we’ve added all the configuration notes in the notes/description field. The iCal feed is a great way of house keepers getting an overview of their bookings for quick reference or for use when offline.

We’ve also tweaked the payment form to make it less confusing for those who live in city states such as Singapore, the Vatican and Monaco as it was asking them for a ‘County’ which was a little confusing. We’ve also provided similar improvements for those countries that don’t use postal codes.

Next up we'll be adding the ability for you to reply to enquiries with branded emails that feature properties and their availability, we're hoping to have this rolled out within the coming weeks.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via