Top 10 property listing websites.full

One benefit of being on Scrumpy is that we track referrals from other websites in order to see the percentage of bookings these sites are gaining for our customers.

See below the top 10 referrers by percentage of bookings through Scrumpy websites:

*this data was taken during October 2015 from a snapshot of 1276 of our customers bookings.

As you can see the most successful channels for our customers are currently Google and Owners Direct. Although we are aware that Google is not a property listing website, we have still included it considering it accounts for nearly 50% of bookings for our customers!  All Scrumpy customers have access to their own channel report giving them the ability to track their referrers and see where their bookings are coming from.

If you’re interested in having you’re own Scrumpy website please feel free to contact us!