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Reminding customers to fill in guest details, allowing customers to modify their guest list and more. We've got a number of enhancements and some new features to help make managing your properties even easier!

Customers can now modify their guest list after a booking has been placed via their booking login, this goes hand in hand with the new ability to remind people to fill out their guest list when the number of adults, children and infants doesn’t add up to the number of guests on their guest list.

Some clients have asked us how they can display their terms and conditions to customers before the booking process, the solution involved copy/pasting your terms into a ‘Content Page’. We’ve added a checkbox within the ‘Property -> Edit’ section that allows you to show/hide a menu item on the properties menu, a “T&Cs’ item will appear that features your properties booking terms and conditions, no more copy/pasting!

As the world moves to high density displays we’re focused on helping make our clients properties stand out with high quality imagery. We’re working on increasing image quality across the platform, we’ve carefully balancing the need for higher quality images with load times. We’re focusing on utilising the latest techniques including ‘responsive images’ and better image optimisation algorithms. We hope to deliver this work within the coming weeks; all existing images will be reprocessed to take advantage of these improvements.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions about new or existing features, thanks!