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So you've got lots of interest, bookings and a busy calendar? That's great news! Well it is if your business is set up to handle it.

A successful business

In the holiday let industry, the success of a business if often reflected by its calendar. If empty it implies there are little to no bookings and a potential customer may question it’s unpopularity.

On the other hand a full calendar with lots of bookings, portrays a desirable and popular destination. It hints that it is run professionally, which in turn can encourage more and more guests to book.

To have lots of bookings is surely the aim of any property owner or agency, but not always great if you’re not geared up for it.

Common booking process

Regardless of how your business is set up, it is likely that you take bookings through one of the following:

  1. Phone calls

  2. Enquiry forms

  3. Direct bookings

Once your call, enquiry or booking has come through, what comes next?

How do you handle your bookings?

It is evident that everyone has their own approach to handling a booking. Some property owners use a hand written diary, whilst others type everything into a spreadsheet.

Regardless how, there is a necessity to record your customers details for ongoing communication, as you are likely to:

  • Ask for payments

  • Request the number of guests

  • Confirm room configurations

  • Offer extra services

  • Send check in details & directions

Empower your customers

The ‘My Booking’ portal allows your guests to see their booking in its entirety. By using their unique booking reference and email address, they have the ability to access details about their stay at their leisure.

Feel free to take a look using our demonstration example:

Booking Reference: 88

Email Address:

From here they can view their: Booking, Terms & Conditions, Check in Details, Adjust Guests,  Make Payments, View Remaining Balance, Get Directions & Print their Booking.


There’s no correct method of how you should manage your bookings, but a SCRUMPY powered website will allow you to do so efficiently and professionally. Our system can be configured to work the way you work.

Let your website send out emails for you, automatically.

We all may work slightly differently, but there are key actions that need to take place at certain times. For instance, you are likely to send a ‘Check in’ type email before someone stays. It may include directions, instructions for access or a code to the key safe. Whatever it might be, instead of having to remember to send it a day or two before arrival, set up SCRUMPY to send it for you.

Why us?

Wouldn’t it be great if your job was made easier and your customers had a better booking experience?

At SCRUMPY our booking management can make this happen. Join the many property owners and agencies who are already reaping the benefits.