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We are often asked by property owners; ‘Which pictures should I use to advertise my holiday property?’ Therefore, we thought we’d provide you with some tips to help you to take and choose the best photos to represent your holiday property.


  • Include shots of both the interior and exterior giving property owners the opportunity to see as much of your property as possible so they know exactly what they will be paying for.
  • Make sure there is at least one photo that shows the whole property, preferably with this picture being taken on a sunny day.
  • Include attractive views of the landscape surrounding your property.
  • Be inviting - make the scene as inviting as possible with some personal touches, such as a lit fire, a vase of flowers, cushions or candles.
  • Try and take a photograph from the best angle by rearranging the furniture to make the most of the shot and try to find an angle that makes the room look spacious. It sometimes helps to stand on something to give you extra height, so that you can take the photo looking down over the whole room.


  • Take dark photos, make sure your photos are well lit. This is probably one of the most important points. Take shots outside on a sunny day and make sure your indoor shots make the most of the light available to you. You may need to switch on electric lights or light a fire in an open fire place or perhaps move all curtains and blinds to one side to ensure you make the most of the natural daylight. Sometimes photographs taken with light from the scene itself, rather than a camera flash can often look more atmospheric and inviting. A well lit room will make your photograph appear warmer and more colourful.
  • Include people in your pictures. Holiday makers do not want to see strangers in their future holiday venue. They want to imagine themselves going into an empty property that is tidy and ready for their stay.
  • Take pictures of untidy rooms. Make sure the property is immaculate before you take pictures. Ensure that it appears tidy and there is absolutely no clutter.
  • Take photos using a low resolution camera. Grainy, bad quality photographs don’t make your property look as attractive as it could. Because digital camera technology moves on so quickly, a low quality photograph looks like an old photograph - travellers want to see what their holiday home looks like now. Make sure that if you are not getting the pictures taken professionally, you use a very good camera that will still take high quality images.
  • Take exterior shots on a dark, dull or rainy day. They do not make your property look as appealing to the traveller they want to see clear, bright skies - these pictures reflect more positively on your holiday property.