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More and more people are bringing their pets on holiday with them so we wanted to make it easy for those with dog friendly holiday properties to accept pets to a booking.

A lot of owners allow for pets at their holiday homes. Some have a limit, some charge per pet and some will only allow a certain breed. Within the SCRUMPY admin we have a pets section so an owner can make it easy for the guest to book the stay for themselves and their pet. You have the ability to enable pets against each property and assign a fee per pet added to a booking. 

When a pet has been added to a booking the pet value will be added to the adjustments within the booking. 

You will also be able to see the Pet information within the 'Pets' section.

Take a look at our help guide for more information on how to enable pets on a property with your SCRUMPY admin:

This is another one of the great features SCRUMPY has to offer in order to help make property owners lives easier. If you would like to find out more about how SCRUMPY could help you to manage your holiday property bookings then please get in touch, we'd love to talk you through our system!