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We have just launched the first wave of social integration features that are going to simplify the process of managing your social media presence. We’ve got deep integration with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with automatic blog article sharing, album syncing, comments on blog articles and more.

Meanwhile outside of our social integration features we’ve been fixing issues, enhancing the systems performance and general reliability. We’re working on making the Channel/Source data more accurate, part of this push means visitors are now asked where they saw your site when placing a booking, plus you now have the ability to set the source of a booking to make your Channel Report more accurate.

We’ve put together a series of blog articles on how to setup a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest Account and Google Plus Account, you’ll be able to read these shortly.​

We’re currently overhauling the Channel Integration to make room for multiple integrations of the same type and make it much easier to setup integrations with third parties such as AirBNB,, PremierCottages and more.

Higher quality imagery is coming soon via a bespoke imaging system thats performing automatic optimisation to ensure your visitors always receive outstanding images, we’re looking to launch this within the coming weeks.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions about the new social networking features or need any assistance in getting these new tools setup - thanks!