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We’ve overhauled the things to do page to give your potential guests more of an insight into the attractions and points of interest surrounding your property as well as adding HTTPS redirection, the ability to quickly rebook a guest without re-entering details, the ability to customise article email broadcasts and much more.

It's February, we’re just about over the January rush, whilst the bookings have been flying through the door we’ve been hard at work on some new functionality and some improvements.

Firstly the ‘things to do’ page has been given an upgrade, it now does a great job of showing guests all the interesting attractions, places to visit, restaurants to eat at and anything else you can think of that might interest them. Places appear on a map centred around your property, we show the approximate distance from the property and you can now upload images against both the categories and the places themselves to help really sell the experience surrounding the property.

Building on top of a substantial number of under the hood changes to our infrastructure we’re now redirecting every visitor to your sites to the HTTPS, secure version. The change of serving all content over HTTPS will bring a number of benefits outside of just enhancing customer security & privacy, it will also help score a small ranking boost in search engines, decrease the time it takes pages to load and enable us to explore emerging web technologies in the future. In practice, we’re now scoring as ‘more secure’ than most UK bank websites, now that’s something to brag to your friends about.

Check out the changelog in your SCRUMPY admin for the full list of changes and please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via