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Happy New Year to all! As we fly into 2018 with more bookings & enquiries than we’ve ever seen we’re bringing an improved season cloning tool and booking change tracking to help make managing pricing and bookings easier.

Using the new season cloning tool is easy, just go to the seasons calendar for a property, select a date and then select an end date, click ‘Clone selected seasons’ and all the seasons within your selection will then be cloned to your chosen property. The key improvement over the old tool is that you can now choose to copy over pricing.

Changes to bookings were already visible via the activity feed against a booking, but they lacked detail. In this update we’ve added details of the actual changes made to the booking to give better visibility into when “Finn changed the value to £1005” or “Jake changed the ‘full amount due by’ date to 3rd May 2018”. Alongside activity feed entries you will see an underlined timestamp when changes were recorded, clicking the underlined timestamp will show the changes made.

Over the course of November and December we made extensive improvements to our infrastructure to help us through January which is historically the busiest month for the platform. The improved ‘things to do’ page was rescheduled to help ensure we had these changes finished up before January, with the changes out the way its now our priority.

Check out the changelog for the full list of changes and please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via