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In this update we’re introducing ‘Quick Reply’. Quick Reply allows you to put together branded replies to enquiries that detail properties and their availability. Quick Reply can automatically compose an email reply with relevant properties & availability. 🤖

Replying to enquiries can be a repetitive task. The majority of enquiries received are simply people asking for availability on a given date or just people detailing their requirements of a property. Quick Reply helps to automate the process of putting together replies for enquiries by allowing you to search for properties by a customers requirements and then put those properties & available dates into a email complete with images, property details and links through to the site.  😮

You can use Quick Reply in 4 different ways: Blank, auto, properties and availability. ‘Auto’ Quick Reply will look at a users indicated preference/s of property & availability and even in-directly via information about their time on the site. Auto uses the contextual information to automatically compose a reply to the customer, all you need do is cast an eye over the result before clicking ‘Send Reply’ ⚡️. We hope Quick Reply is going to be a massive time saver and look forward to continuing to improve this functionality in the coming months.

We’ve also added a new reminder email that helps to chase up people who’ve been sent a booking offer but have yet to confirm it. This reminder is going to help remove much of the need for staff to manually chase booking offers  🎉  .The new offer reminder email is enabled by default, you can adjust the settings for this from ‘Site Settings -> Reminders’.

Please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via