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Facebook Pixel + Payment Surcharges

We’re back with a whole host of improvements to help finish off what’s been a great month for both SCRUMPY and our customers. We’ve been pushing out new features and improvements throughout the month to help businesses cope with the busy January period including automatic surcharge calculation when manually adding a payment, new working lists for managing Booking Configurations & Overdue Final Payments and new activity items to keep track of changes to availability.

From Boxing Day onwards the January rush for holidays started, we’ve seen a 400% increase in daily traffic 😮. January 3rd saw nearly 4x more bookings than any other day in the last 6 months. Load times were consistently fast throughout the period with the system dynamically allocating additional resources where needed to help maintain a great experience for all guests choosing properties, placing bookings and making payments 🤓.

We’ve added Facebook Pixel integration to help businesses accurately track the effectiveness of their Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook Pixel tracks bookings, enquiries and page views to help build up audiences that can be used to better target adverts and to produce true ‘costs’ for your campaigns that show you how much you paid in revenue versus how much you paid for a given campaign. You can read more about setting up Facebook pixel here:

Manually recording payments that are subject to a surcharge has been improved significantly via automatic surcharge calculation that takes into account the percentages or fixed amounts that you may charge when processing credit card payments. We’ve also tidied up the payment form to minimise vertical space usage and display additional information about the booking that may be needed whilst processing a booking over the phone.

Property owners logging into their owner portal on an agency website now have the ability to get a print out of each of their bookings. The print out has been designed to look consistent when printed in black/white, fit onto one page and features the logo of the agency to help reinforce the agencies branding.

The ability to hide days within previous months on calendars has been added as an option for those owners that prefer the look of their calendar without the faded days from the previous month.

Sites sending out broadcasts with large numbers of subscribers will see improved performance in creating/editing broadcasts and faster sending of the broadcasts thanks to under the hood improvements in this area.

Customers should find that the Availability Report is significantly faster and much more reliable on websites with large numbers of properties. Further improvements are on the way to make this report faster again and improve its functionality.

The above are just some of the highlights of this update so check out the huge Changelog below for the full list of changes and please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via