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We’ve managed to squeeze almost an entire months worth of work into just 1 week! 🏃 We’ve been busy preparing the system for the January rush with new features that make it easier to customers to find available dates and faster for staff to work with bookings, availability and more.

Firstly, all the elves here at SCRUMPY would like to wish our customers a very Happy Christmas! On that note, after a flat out couple of weeks our elves need some rest, they will by putting down their toy making tools at 4:30PM on Thursday 22nd December 🍻. Designated elves will be listening out over the Christmas period to assist in the event of an emergency. The elves will be returning on the 3rd of January 2017.

This update is aimed at fixing outstanding niggles to help us slide through the Christmas period and adding new features to help customers easily find available dates.

Security Deposits have been spruced up, agencies can now give the security deposit payment instructions to customers and owners can track those security deposits from within their own Admin.

The House Keeping Portal has been tweaked to add previous bookings that the member of staff was assigned to. This could be useful in the event the member of staff needs to send a piece of lost property back to a previous guest. On the front of sending items back to guests, the full address of the guest is now visible (if detailed information is enabled).

Availability search results have been improved to float properties with exact matches to the top, the sort order specified is still respected. This is a great improvement thats going to make it easier for customers to find available properties on large sites 🕵️.

We’ve reworked the numbers for the working lists so that if you work with an agency they now accurately reflect the bookings you need to follow up on (the bookings you’ve taken). We’ve also added a new ‘From’ filter so that you can filter to bookings that just you’ve taken, or bookings that an agency has taken.

Check out the Changelog below for the full list of changes and please let us know if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or problems via

🎉🎉 The Elves are excited at making our customers businesses even more successful in 2017! Thanks for using SCRUMPY! 🎉🎉

Be sure to check out our ‘Year in Review’ which will be going up later today on our blog.