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In this update we’ve added Apple Wallet integration, improved the quality and speed of images + we’ve made it even easier for guests to find a stay at your property and added new ‘Offline Season’ functionality for when you don’t want people to be able to instantly book online.

Apple Wallet is a great addition to SCRUMPY, what it means in practice is that guests can now save an offline copy of their booking details to their Phone 📱 and even their Watch ⌚️. The ‘Pass’ saved to the customers device contains their booking reference, your contact details, the property address (complete with directions) and useful links that allow them to ask a question about their booking and adjust their booking.

Combined with SCRUMPY’s Apple Pay integration we’re now offering a more convenient booking experience than ever.

We’ve massively improved the quality and speed of images. With new techniques such as ‘lazy loading’, ‘LQIP’ (Low Quality Image Placeholders) and ‘src-set’ support we’ve both lowered ‘page weight’ and increased visible image quality. Images will look better than ever on devices with high density displays such as iOS Devices with Retina Displays. We’re also automatically enhancing images by boosting colours and making images sharper.

We’ve added a new ‘Date Browser’ on the Calendar page. The full calendar and the browser are displayed side by side, the new browser will help to make it easier for mobile users to find a stay between the dates they have in mind at the property they’re looking at without having to scour your calendar 🕵️. Date searches now use a ranking algorithm that attempts to find the closest match to what the customer is looking for.

We’ve made improvements to the Calendar and Availability Searches for those customers that have ‘per-night’ pricing models or large numbers of ‘Stay Types’. When a large number of possible stays are detected the Calendar will now present the customer with a choice of departure dates alongside the price rather than an unwieldily list.

For those customers who want to advertise their availability online but don’t want people to be able to instantly book online we’ve added “Offline Seasons”. An “Offline Season” is exactly the same as a normal season except when customers click on a date they’ll be presented with an Enquiry Form rather than a Booking Form. After receiving an enquiry you can contact the customer, convert their Enquiry into a Booking Offer and then they can continue their Booking online. We think this functionality will be a great first step into the world of Online Bookings for owners who aren’t confident in allowing guests to instantly book online.

We could 🐰 on about the content of this update but we’re already racing towards the next update! There are lots of features, improvements and fixes in this update so be sure to read the change-log below. We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! 

Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!