Update1.19.0 banner template.full

We’ve added new customisation options for owners using one of our Customisable Themes, this will help owners match their website to their brand. We’ve now got 9 great font pairings you can choose from plus you can now choose to override the colours we use in your calendar. Alongside the new customisation options we’ve got a new theme called ‘Fuji’. Outside of theming we’ve added a number of requested features and improved general system performance/reliability.

Being able to customise the fonts used throughout your site is going to help owners match their website to their brand and create a more consistent experience for their customers. We’ve chosen 9 great font pairings so far and will be adding to this in the future. All the font pairings work with all the themes. You can choose between the fonts in the ‘Settings/Theme’ section.

The ability to override the calendar colours will help those owners who feel an alternative colour scheme would be better for showing off their availability. You can do this from the ‘Settings/Theme’ section of your Admin.

The new Fuji theme uses the largest banner we’ve put into a theme so far, it really helps to show off your property. The homepage on the Fuji theme is clean, simple and offers a lot of room for customising it to fit your brand. We've put together a demo of the new theme here:

We’ve added icons to the Booking List to help indicate whether a guest has purchased chargeable extras, now you can scan down your ‘Immediate Arrivals’ list and know who you need to deliver items to.

There are lots of features, improvements and fixes in this update so be sure to read the change-log below. We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! 

Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!