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We’ve been working on a number of new features and improvements to help make SCRUMPY even better. The changes this month have been focused on giving you new tools to create unique content for your site via ‘Holiday Ideas’, ‘Destinations’ and a new ‘override’ functionality that allows Agency/Listing sites to generate unique content to advertise their clients properties. We’ve also made dozens of performance enhancements, added Apple Pay integration, improved the usability of websites and fixed a number of bugs.

You can now supply your own content to describe the area around your property. The ‘Destination’ content that you write and the images you supply all go into the creation of a unique ‘landing page’ that helps to generate improved search engine exposure for your website.

You can now put together ‘Holiday Ideas’ to group together properties by feature, availability and more. ‘Holiday Ideas’ come together as pages on the front-end of your website that list out the properties they target alongside the content and images you provide. ‘Holiday Ideas’ are a powerful tool for generating content to aid in discoverability via search engines.

If your taking Payments via Stripe you're now also taking payment via Apple Pay. Apple Pay makes it really easy for customers to pay towards their booking. When paying via Apple Pay the customer only needs to supply the amount they wish to pay towards their booking and click ‘Pay with Apple Pay’, thats it, done. Billing details are automatically brought in from the users device meaning they don’t need to fill in these details. Customers using Safari 10 on macOS Sierra or using an iOS device that supports Apple Pay running iOS 10 will see the ‘Apple Pay’ option when paying towards their booking and their security deposit. You’ll see these transactions just like any other within the financials section of a booking.

You can now import subscribers via CSV file, this is good news for those of you who may have a subscriber list you’ve built up or perhaps gathered from a competition etc. Just visit the ‘Broadcast’ section of your admin and click ‘Import Subscribers’ to get started.

You can now provide your own Meta Tags (title, description, keywords) for your Homepage, Property Pages and Content Pages. SCRUMPY automatically generates meta tags but for customers who wish to target a specific audience or tune their search engine presence these new tools will be very useful. We even provide a preview of how Google may present your pages to help you stay within the character limits.

Creating content on your site just got easier with new video embed functionality and an improved link tool that makes it easier to link to any page on your site without having to go away and fetch its URL.

There are a whole bunch of features, improvements and fixes in this update so be sure to read the change-log below. We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! 

Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!