Update 1.15.0 banner.full

This update is packed with a number of much requested features! Bookings can now be ‘offered’ via time limited emails, we’ve added ‘Stripe’ as a payment processor, a new theme called ‘Collage’, Google Maps on property pages and much more.

Starting with the new ‘Booking Offer’ feature. This much requested feature helps to take the pain out of taking bookings over the phone and help produce bespoke packages for customers. Now you can negotiate a price over the phone, send them a ‘booking offer’ email, they’ll then be able to ‘confirm’ their booking, enter their personal details and pay their deposit. 

All that's needed to send a ‘booking offer’ is the customers name and email address, the customer does the work of filling in their billing address, agreeing to terms etc. The dates are automatically made unavailable for other customers to book. ‘Booking Offers’ can be placed ‘on hold’ until a chosen date, upon going over the date the booking will be automatically cancelled, freeing up the dates for another customer to book.

We’ve added Stripe as a payment gateway option, this opens up taking payments online to those businesses that don’t clear the volume/value of bookings required to make SagePay a reasonable option. Stripe is extremely easy to setup, you just need your bank account details to get set up. You can set up Stripe using the new ‘Stripe Integration’ option under ‘Site Settings’. Stripe charge only 1.4% + 20p on transactions and they charge no monthly fees! We’re very excited about the Stripe integration, its going to help get more people taking payments online.

Another requested feature we’ve added is the ability to display your properties location via a map and the ability to display your businesses location on your contact page - You can enable the display of properties location from the Property/Edit/Location page and the display of your businesses location from Site Settings.

We’ve added the new ‘Message Us’ Facebook Messenger button. For those customers who have linked their Facebook this means customers will now be able to jump right into a conversation with your business directly from your website. We’re hoping to explore further integration with Facebook Messenger in the near future via the new ‘Send to Messenger’ functionality.

We hope these new features help to make your business even more successful! Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at Thanks!