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We’ve been working on a new feature that is going to help drive traffic to property owners sites and create more enquiries and bookings than ever! is a brand new listing website exclusive to SCRUMPY customers, its got a great mobile friendly design, dozens of holiday ideas and information rich landing pages. Visitors can see your live availability, flick through images of properties and make enquiries easily. Intelligent ranking is being used to help maximise occupancy for every owner + an extensive filter system allows visitors to narrow down their selection to find their perfect property.

To find out more about read our blog post on the site:

We’ll be continuing to expand over the coming months to help make it an even better marketing tool for SCRUMPY customers and their properties, we’re excited to see the impact it makes on enquiries and bookings.

We’ve made many improvements to the platform to bring online including brand new search logic, holiday ideas, new ‘regions’ to help locate properties and new infinite scrolling that helps to reduce page load times across the platform.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424255 or you can browse our Help site at