Update 1.12.0 banner.full

We’ve been concentrating on removing some of the little things that bothered us, you’ll notice redesigned forms, an improved menu system and new assistive functionality when creating bookings. We think the large amount of small changes and tweaks across the system is going to improve the usability of Scrumpy all round and make managing holiday properties even easier!

We felt that some forms had started to become long and complicated. We’ve segmented a number of key forms up into different tabs to clean them up, added extra input hints, hidden details behind toggles and more to help make creating bookings, editing properties and changing settings easier.

The menu now feels smoother we have now got better submenus, new icons and new loading indicators - navigating the admin feels 213x better. You may notice new date range indicators when selecting dates, booking notes have moved, we’ve got a new report (booking volume report) and you can upload multiple images at a time.

Another big change your guests in particular may have noticed is that we no longer ask guests for their email and booking reference when following links from any emails we send to them - we generate secure links that bring the guest directly to where they need to be. The payment reminder email now features a ‘Make a Payment’ button that brings the user directly to the payment form on your site. The check-in reminder now has a ‘View Check-In Details’ button that takes the user directly to their check-in details.

We have a new support system that features guides on common workflows, addresses frequently asked questions and allows you to easily ask questions and report issues. You can use the new support system just by clicking the 'Help' icon in the bottom right hand corner of your admin system or by going to

Let us know if you’ve got any questions via email at or phone on 01935 424254.