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We will soon be launching the first wave of social integration features that are going to simplify the process of managing your social media presence. Our new social integration features are going to help you to grow, capitalise and engage with your social audience.

We’ve got deep integration with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, we’ll be supporting more platforms and adding more features in the coming months. The new posting tool allows you to post messages, links and photos across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, all at the same time via your admin. The posting tool takes away a great deal of the work required to maintain a regular social presence across all your networks. We have also included automatic blog article sharing which takes the work out of cross-posting your latest blog articles across your social presences by tweeting, posting and pinning your blog articles as you publish them.

Another great feature we are adding is auto-album syncing. This takes the work out of managing your Facebook Page’s Albums and Photos by automatically creating an album for each of your properties and uploading all your property images. Automatic Pinning performs the same functionality on Pinterest by creating a board for each of your properties and automatically pinning your properties images. Auto-Albums and Auto-Pinning are going to help enhance your social presence and drive traffic to your site.

We have also added Facebook social commenting on blog articles, this opens up a new portal for discussion which in turn creates social engagement - positive social engagement can have massive effect on the reach of your blog articles.

Behind the scenes we're adding markup, Pinterest Verification and Google Plus Publisher markup to help boost the effect your social activity has on your search engine ranking.

We’re really excited about launching these new features, currently we're awaiting review by Facebook and Pinterest, once this is out the way you’ll see a new ‘Social’ option appear in your menu bar. This is only the beginning of our social integration work, we’ve started work on a new ‘Auto-Presence Tool’ thats going to help you keep a regular social presence via automatic late availability notices, image posts, special offer updates and more.