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As you may be aware, the brand new website runs on the SCRUMPY platform. It has had a complete revamp and a listing on the website is now completely free and exclusive to SCRUMPY customers!

The website is now exclusive to property owners who either have SCRUMPY powered website or are on a SCRUMPY partner site. Managing your listing on requires absolutely no effort, all property information, images, availability etc are automatically brought across from your SCRUMPY website and customers are pushed directly through to your website in order to make their booking.

If you are not currently a SCRUMPY customer and would like to list your holiday properties for free on there are two ways you can do this:

1. Have a SCRUMPY powered website:

If your holiday properties website is powered by SCRUMPY you'll automatically be on SCRUMPY sites are free for owners of single properties plus you can easily start taking online bookings and payments from just £50 per month! It is quick and easy to sign up.

2. Being on a partner site:

If you're on a partner listing site you'll automatically get a free listing on! Our partner GroupStays is actively taking in new advertisers, if you list with them you'll appear on both and

If you would like us to talk you through your options for joining or would like to discuss having a SCRUMPY website then please feel free to contact us!