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On SCRUMPY you have the ability to have separate individual websites for each property as well as having them all on once website at no extra cost

Once a property is on SCRUMPY it is only paid for once. You pay per property not per website or listing so it can appear on as many websites as is relevant helping to increase it's footprint in search engines. For example, you may be an agency with 30 properties with 5 properties being in a specific location. You could create a seperate website for that location and share the properties acorss at no extra cost even through they are on a brand new website. Bookings can still go through to the original website so no additinal admin is created even though you have a whole new avenue of taking bookings.

All information including availaibility is copied across so doesn't need to be updated in multiple places. You can share a property across to a new website and all of the content, gallery imaegs, reviews and any content pages you have added against it will all be brought across too, it couldn't be more simple. The only thing you would need to do is populate the rest of the website such as the homepage and other content pages making it specific to that property or theme. For more informaiton on how property sharing within SCRUMPY works take a look at our help article:

An example of a SCRUMPY client who has recently taken advantage of our satellite feature is Big House Holiday Lets. BHHL are an agency with properties in The Forest of Dean area. They requested an individual website for each of the holiday properties on their website. Each website is specific to that property and any bookings will be passed off to the BHHL website making it extremely easy for them to manage. Here is an example of one of the satellite websites:

If you would like to find out how SCRUMPY could help you to manage and market your holiday properties please get in touch we would love to talk you through our system.