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We have put a huge amount of thought and time into this and have provided you with all the tools we can in order to help you make the most of your site and assist in getting even more visitors to your site. And lets be frank about this, more visitors equals more bookings!

At SCRUMPY one of the most frequent questions we get is "how do I improve traffic to my web site?" 

Site Content & On-Page SEO

By far the most important part of any site is the content on the pages themselves. Not only is this vital to get right for a good search presence but far more importantly, if your content is no good then you are guaranteed to lose sales because potential customers will leave your site if they can't find what they want or don't understand what you have written. 

On-page SEO is the practice of optimising individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic on the search engines. "On-page" refers to both the content and HTML source of a page that can be optimised, as opposed to "off-page SEO" which refers to links and other external signals that search engines use to rank your site. On-page SEO has changed over the years (and continues to do so), so it's important to keep up with the latest practices. 

Adding Blog Articles

Blogs have gained a reputation as having the potential to boost your search rankings, but it's important to understand what a blog does and why it helps. A blog is nothing more than a collection of articles, generally appearing on a website in reverse chronological order — meaning the newest posts show up first. The key phrase there is "nothing more than a collection of articles." That's right, a blog is not some magical thing that will score you all kinds of love from Google; it's nothing more than a collection of articles.

The key here is understanding that it is both WHAT is in the articles and then knowing WHAT TO DO with them after you have written them.

Obviously, blogging isn't a magical cure-all for your SEO woes, but done properly, blogging can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Now get out there and start writing!

See our full article on adding a blog to your SCRUMPY site.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are called such because they are the pages that people "land" on when they arive on your site via an external link (usually Google). In most cases this will be your homepage but the more pages of unique content your site contains the more likely you are to show up in search results. This is where landing pages come in - Now in SCRUMPY we can automatically generate a number of different landing pages, such as Holiday Ideas & Destination Pages (see below) and as mentioned above, every blog article is in effect a landing page. 
However it might also be a good idea for you to create some landing pages of your own - perhaps this could be to do with some interesting local event (e.g. the great village cheese rolling day) or some useful guide that visitors might find useful (e.g. ten great walks in the Mendips). Every one of these pages will serve as a new landing pages and potentially a new route into your website from the search engines.
See our guide on  Adding Content Pages to your Site for more details.

Holiday Idea Pages

In order to improve discoverability in search engines you can put together Holiday Ideas to group together properties by features, availability and more. Examples of Holiday Ideas could include; beach holidays, romantic holidays, walking holidays etc. Holiday Ideas come together as pages on the front-end of your website that list out the properties that they target alongside the content and images you provide. Holiday ideas are a powerful tool in generating unique landing pages to help improve search engine exposure for your website. We have written a little  more detail on Holiday Ideas in this article.

Destination Pages

In order to improve search engine exposure for your website you can supply your own content to describe the area around your property. For example, in order to increase your search visibility for terms such as ‘Holiday properties in Somerset’. You could create a destination page for Somerset.  These pages will add valuable new landing pages to your SCRUMPY site. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.