Paid advertising bannner.full

Many property owners ask how they can appear higher up in the organic listings on Google. In order to sidestep the struggle of trying to compete with these bigger websites you can pay for your ads to appear above the organic listings.

With search terms for holiday properties being very competitive it is often hard for a small property website to even consider competing with the bigger listing websites for terms they would like to show up for i.e. ‘self catering cottage Cornwall’ or ‘holiday home sleeping 12’. 

In order to avoid the competition in organic search results with these bigger websites you can pay for your ads to appear above the natural listings. Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) advertising platform allowing you to appear for specific search terms and you only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. These ads appear above the organic listings and down the side of the listings page. You can target your ads to customers in specific countries, regions or cities.  How much you spend is up to you, you begin with a daily budget that can be adjusted at any time. Within SCRUMPY we can insert conversion tracking to measure whether a click through to your website converts into a booking, enquiry or phone call.

Pay per click advertising is very cost effective as you only pay when a user clicks your ad and visits your website and by tracking conversions it is easy to measure return on investment. Your return on investment is essentially how much profit you've made from your ads compared with how much you've spent on those ads therefore, making it easier to decide what to set your daily budget to.

If you would like to know more about pay per click advertising and how it can be used to increase traffic to your holiday property website please give us a call on 01935 424255 or send us a message. We are Google Partners with many years of experience in Google Ads working hard to get you the most clicks and conversions for the least money. We work closely with Google and have access to vouchers for free advertising for new businesses starting out.