Update1.11.0 banner.full

This update is made up of two major features: TripAdvisor integration and a new Enquiry box. We’re seeing a massive increase in enquiries across the platform and we’re excited to see customers start using the TripAdvisor integration to reinforce consumer confidence.

The new enquiry box sits in the bottom right of the visitors browser whilst they are browsing property listings and property pages. The enquiry box offers quick access to make an enquiry about a property or multiple properties. We’ve got new ‘forwarding’ functionality to allow enquiries to be forwarded on to sites your connected with. The forwarding functionality helps listing/agency sites to drive more enquiries than ever through to their clients and we’re seeing real success already for customers on Scrumpy powered listing websites such as

The TripAdvisor Integration is a much requested feature, its easy to use, just navigate to the ‘Ratings & Awards’ section of your property, click ‘TripAdvisor’ and follow the instructions. When linked your properties rating will be displayed in listings and on your properties page we’ll show off your properties ratings alongside the top reviews. TripAdvisor is linked into the feedback process, after customers leave feedback they’ll be asked to kindly leave you a rating on TripAdvisor, helping to gather more feedback for your page.

Alongside the new features we’ve been working on general bug fixes and performance improvements.

We have a new support system in place to help manage cases more efficiently and we’ll soon be launching a support centre thats hooked into the Admin itself to help answer questions and generally act as a guide to using Scrumpy.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions!