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We are often asked questions like 'How can I use Twitter to market my holiday property?' so we thought we'd put together an article with a few tips on how to make the most of Twitter for your holiday property.

Twitter is an excellent and free way to market your holiday property. It's a great way of keeping people up to date with the latest news and availability for your holiday let and directing people to your website.

Why should I use Twitter?

Business Potential - Having an account means that your page is viewable to millions of people, all potential customers! Twitter has on average, 330 million active users!

Customer Service - Twitter allows you to interact with customers which can help you to build friendly relationships, making them more likely to do business with you. It also makes it so that any complaints that they may have can be dealt with personally which can help to resolve any issues and build trust.

Networking - Twitter can help you to meet important business contacts who you may not have otherwise come across.

Advertising - Twitter is a great platform to advertise. You can post reviews that you have received as well as advertise things such as availability at your property or things to do in the local area.

Research - Twitter doesn't have to just be used to tweet, you can also research into your competition and see what they're doing or you can look into what users are saying about your company and the sorts of things your potential customers are interested in.

If you currently don't have a Twitter account for your business then our article on how to get set up is a great place to start. 

So you've set up your Twitter account, what next?

Take a look at your competitors

To help you to get a feel for the types of things to post start by spending some time searching for your comeptitors Twitter pages. Take a look at what they're posting about and how they're interacting with their followers. If it helps, make a list of the types of things they post about ie is it about the local area, property updates, late availability etc.

Be Consistent

If you want to have a presence on social media try and have a constant flow of content. Don't post every single day one week and then nothing for a month. Make a plan, come up with some ideas of things to post about and drip feed them throughout the week/month.

Set Some Goals

What is your aim, is it to drive traffic to your website? encourage people to phone you? or to just socialise with people in the industry? There may be multiple reasons. Think before you post 'Why am I posting this, what am I trying to achieve?' If you're looking to drive visitors to your website then make sure you're including a link within your tweet. Make it easy for them to find what they're looking for.

Build an Audience

If you have linked your Twitter acocunt to your SCRUMPY website then you will have within the footer of your website. This will also appear within all emails sent out by the website so your guests have the ability to find you. The simplest way to begin to build your audience is ask people to follow you. Within Twitter you have the ability to invite people to follow you. Begin following people of interest and start interacting with people and your followers should begin to grow.

Monitor Your Results 

Keep track of your goals, remember why you began using Twitter in the first place? Are you meeting your goals? if it's not working out for you don't give up, change your strategy and keep at it. Everybody has to start somewhere so don't be disheartened if your first few tweets recieve little interest. Keep track of which tweets are getting the best response and post more of those. Maintain your focus and you’ll begin to see results that justify your hard work.