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Today we’re launching various enhancements and new features. This update is focused on reducing the amount of time needed when managing bookings. The key changes in this update include: ‘SMS’ messaging for management, Party Flag Alerts when new bookings have been made and the ability to charge a fee when guests add pets to their booking.

We’ve been rolling out numerous improvements and fixes regularly over the past couple of weeks - some of you may have noticed these changes. Firstly we’ve been working on ‘Party Flags’; if a booking consists of guests that are either: same gender, all under the age of 30 or the number of guests exceed your maximum occupancy this will trigger the party flag feature and alert you via email with the party details. 

SMS messaging for management enables you to receieve SMS messages when a new booking has been made. 

We've introduced property and date tracking. Site owners can view property and date searches that are in demand allowing them to manage their pricing accordingly.  

We’re introducing a new theme called ‘Royal’, those of you using themes can try this new theme out. To find out more information about this theme please go to our blog:

We're using the brand new 'Client Hints' specification to help deliver the correct imagery for the target device, this is helping to reduce data wastage and ensures images look great no matter what device is being used. We're now intelligently selecting the best image format based on browser support, this means users are now receiving better quality imagery at lower file sizes. 

Theres a lot packed into this update so let us know if there is anything you’d like us to explain.