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Compile together your Frequently Answered Questions, along with a thorough list of your properties amenities, to help better inform your guests and answer their queries before they have to ask them.

Frequently asked questions

To effectively market your holiday let, you need to present information in an easily digestible format. Refrain from going into too much detail straight away and instead just stick to the highlights; such as how many it sleeps, your location and why they’d want to visit. It’s much more effective to catch someone's attention with some good images and a brief summary of why your place is great, rather than to overwhelm them with details that they’re not yet ready for.

By keeping your initial introduction precise, you’re more likely to keep a prospective guests interest. You might be lucky and they head straight for the availability calendar and book, but there’s a fair chance that once you’re deemed as suitable, that they’ll next want to find out more information that is specific to them. This is where good navigational menus and call to action buttons are crucial - to allow your soon to be customer to make their own way around and discover what's on their mind at their own pace.

This is why having a page dedicated to all of the nitty-gritty details is ideal, for the sort of information that doesn’t need to be thrust in front of every visitor on your site, however should be available if someone wants to find it.

What to include

Try to think of the more mundane facts like "How many cars can be parked" or "When does the balance have to be paid". You may already have a series of questions that have been asked before, a list of things that you'd want to know if you were renting somewhere or just need some inspiration to get you started. See below for our top suggestions that every property owner should consider including on their FAQ’s page.

  • Bookings - X% deposit is required to secure the booking, the final balance is due X weeks before arrival, a security deposit is due X days before etc.

  • Cancellations - Your policy, with something along the lines of “We also advise purchasing cancellation insurance…”

  • Arrival - Check in after Xpm (unless otherwise agreed), you will receive information on how to enter the property X weeks before arrival

  • Departure - Leave by Xam, explain that this should be prompt, as the scheduled cleaners/changeover will happen soon after the party leaves, in preparation for the next booking. An extension can be agreed for £X

  • Accessibility - Be honest about how easy it is or isn't for users of all abilities to gain access in and around the property. If you are wheelchair friendly for example.

  • Guests - number of beds and how many each sleeps. Explain if additional guests can be arranged and will be chargeable at £X

  • Room configurations - If applicable, explain what bed setups are available and in which rooms. Eg. two twins or superking etc.

  • Equipment - Provide a list of the extras you can provide upon request, such as a Travel Cot, safety gates, bath mat etc.

  • Bedding/Towels - what they're made of, how many, bathrobes? Can they be used in the hot tub/swimming pool is applicable.

  • Pets - allowed? If not, an explanation why, allergens for other guests etc. If so, is there an outdoor tap, enclosed garden, dedicated areas, restrictions, charge, max number, breed?

  • Public Transport - nearest airport, train station, bus station. With your address and link to your map

  • Taxis - Local firms, contact information, where they're based, an approx quote etc.

  • Parking - Is there space on site for a vehicle? How many cars can park? Is it in close proximity to the property? Is there a garage I can use? etc.

  • Kitchen/dining - Meal times are a big part of any holiday, list how many can be seated at the table, is there a dishwasher etc.

  • Food Delivery - List of supermarkets or online services within your catchment, whether you can/cannot receive on their behalf, advise on best times etc.

Here’s one we prepared earlier

Interested to see what it may look like? This link goes to our demo site, where we’ve created a mock up of a Frequently Asked Questions page. Feel free to explore and take a look at all the other ways we recommend that you display your property.

If you’re already a SCRUMPY customer you can easily create your own property content page via your website. If you’re not already using our all in one solution to manage and market your self catering business then get in touch. Our expertise in the industry is unrivalled and we’d love to talk.