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Throughout the year there are ‘busier periods’ where customers start looking for their next holiday, there are certain trends when it comes to placing bookings that you should be aware of if you’re not already. We have put together a few hints and tips to ensure that your website is always prepared for those busier periods.

It may seem strange to start talking about the next season when the current one isn’t over yet, but looking into the future is a must when wanting to achieve maximum occupancy. 

Statistics show that January is the busiest time of the year to plan a getaway. However, the second most popular time to book is actually during and after the summer holidays. 
After the summer holidays, when the kids go back to school, potential guests start planning the next summer holiday. There is a likelihood that previous guests will consider staying again, almost as soon as they return home. Especially if their break was memorable and want to recreate it the following year.

Putting this in to perspective some of our owners have added their availability and pricing for 2021 and are already taking bookings for the year. Making sure your calendar is prepared for upcoming seasons is a must when wanting to maximise your occupancy, this includes any unavailable dates or bookings you have for the upcoming months. Giving the guest a clear understanding on your properties availability allows them to plan their next holiday with ease and without having to contact you via phone or email. 

Being one step ahead is simple with SCRUMPY’s all in one solution for property management. Supplied are all of the necessary tools to run a successful business. We also take care of the technology behind the scenes so you don’t have to. And instead, allow you to focus on your business and customers.

Managing your changeover days within SCRUMPY is very straightforward, you can find out more on how you can managing your pricing and seasons here:

SCRUMPY’s calendar and booking system are easy to use and full of features. Like our year view calendar, which can show availability for up to 3 years in advance.
If you are curious about what SCRUMPY can offer your self-catering business and want to find out more, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.