Feature packed property management system

Hundreds of easy to use, genuinely useful features.

Scrumpy is packed full of features that aid and automate all areas of holiday property management, including security deposits, gathering feedback, marketing and pricing.

We're committed to developing, improving and refining Scrumpy to help make managing holiday properties an efficient, effortless process.

We keep our customers informed of updates and encourage them to feedback on new and existing features to help deliver a system thats effective and simple to use.


We've pulled out some of our favourite features of Scrumpy below, for full details and to find out how Scrumpy could help you generate, manage and maximise bookings get in contact with us.

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Bespoke Booking Offer

This feature makes it easier for property owners to take bookings over the phone and helps produce bespoke packages for customers.

All that is required to send a 'Booking Offer' is the customers name and email address, the customer does the majority of the work, filling in their billing address, agreeing to terms etc. The dates are automatically made unavailable for other customers to book.

Channel Report

The channel report shows you where visits and bookings are coming from, by filling in the amount you spend on different channels (Google Adwords, Listing Sites, etc) it can show you the most effective channels for your business.


Managing availability among the dozens of sites you list your properties on can be a time consuming process.

ScrumpyLink automates availability management via integration with SuperControl, Sleeps12.com, AirBNB, FlipKey and dozens of other iCal compatible sites.

We're continually expanding ScrumpyLink's usefulness by expanding the range of sites we integrate with.


We support agencies who both manage properties and bookings plus those who just list properties.

Name and owner filtering help to make the management of hundreds of properties painless.

Via a permission based property sharing system and an 'owner details' system we enable agencies to efficiently manage their properties.

Special Offers

Maximising occupancy via special offers is easy within Scrumpy, just select a stay, give it a name (Summer Holiday 2017 Deal!) and enter the new price.

Special offers are listed out on a 'Special Offers' page that displays all offers available at all your properties, plus they are highlighted in availability searches.

Refer a Friend

Our ‘Refer a Friend’ section allows you to send invites, get your unique referral link and track how much commission you're making on signups. You’ll earn 10% for every paying customer you refer.

Message Us

Businesses linked to Facebook will now see a new ‘Message Us’ button in the footer, this allows customers to jump into a Facebook Messenger conversation with your business.

Availability Report

An all encompassing view of property availability that enables you to observe trends and quickly identify potential stays to promote, it helps you to maximise property occupancy.

Email Broadcasts + Open Tracking

Email broadcasts sent via the system are tracked enabling you to gain insights into the effectiveness of a particular broadcast.

All emails sent regarding bookings are tracked allowing you to view a log of emails sent to a customer and whether they've opened them - useful for chasing late payments.

Rich Data Emails

We pack rich data into booking emails using dictionaries from Google to enable your customers to stay up to date with their bookings across devices.

What Rich Data means in practice is customers being given automatic directions to their stays and easy access to their bookings details from their mobile phone, smartwatch or computer.

Housekeeping Portal

Housekeeping staff can be assigned to bookings by property or manually assigned to bookings, they’ll automatically receive emails prior to bookings and they’ve got access to a ‘Housekeeping Portal’ to view all the bookings they’ve been assigned to.

Guests can set the configuration of their bedrooms from their ‘Booking Login’ and leave notes for housekeeping staff, they’ll be automatically emailed if they haven’t yet provided their configuration details.

Pets and Guests

If you allow your customers to take pets at a property then we'll ask the customer to input the details of the pets they're planning on taking to help prevent 'Joe' from bringing his 'Horse' to your inner city apartment or add an adjustment to bookings where the customer wishes to bring their furry friends.

We allow you to request details of booking guests for you to get insights into who's coming to stay, which in turn can help you to deal with 'Stag Parties' and 'Hen Parties' in accordance with your terms and conditions.

Social Integration

Deep integration with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter with automatic blog article sharing, album syncing, comments on blog articles and more.

Online Help System

We have a support system that features guides on common workflows, addresses frequently asked questions and allows users to easily ask questions and report issues.

Automatic Landing Pages

We generate landing pages for your properties to help deliver excellent search engine exposure.

The landing pages are multiplied via a tree of subject combinations to generate landing pages such as "Cottages in Somerset with private pools".

Joint Property Availability

Given a property that can be divided up into sub properties, e.g. a multi-story building that can be divided into apartments it can be difficult to effectively manage the availability. We've built a 'joint property availability' system that makes managing these kinds of properties a breeze.

If a booking is made at the 'joint' property then all the 'sub' properties will be made unavailable during the booking. If a booking is made at any of the 'sub' properties then the 'joint' property will be unavailable during the booking.

Property Videos

Scrumpy helps you to showcase your property by giving you the ability to embed videos via a multitude of providers (YouTube, Vimeo and any iFrame based embed code).

Working Lists

Bookings in Scrumpy are sorted in 'working lists' that make staying on top of your bookings a piece of cake.

Are there any overdue bookings? Who hasn't yet agreed to terms? - The working lists help you to stay with a booking throughout its lifecycle and enable you to efficiently manage large numbers of bookings.

TripAdvisor Integration

Showing off the properties current ratings and top reviews.

TripAdvisor is linked into the feedback process. Linking TripAdvisor into this process helps you gather more feedback from your customers.

Over a decade of experience building holiday property management websites

We're always adding to Scrumpy with features to suit a variety of different property management businesses from agencies, multiple properties and even single property businesses - Let us talk you through how Scrumpy can make managing your holiday property rental business a doddle.

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