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Terms and Conditions are an extremely important part of a booking that can often be over looked. They are essentially a contract between the owner and the guest and this has never been so important than now with the uncertain times we face day to day.

Before a guest can place a booking, they are required to read and tick that they agree with your terms for staying at your property.

Whilst SCRUMPY offers various methods of Booking, such as letting the guest fill out an enquiry form on your website, responding to a Booking Offer that they have received, or simply by clicking on your website's calendar; they all require the customer to complete the checkout process and in turn, agree to your Terms & Conditions.

With such uncertain times upon us we strongly advise you go though your terms and conditions and make sure you have covered all bases. It is important to have a strong and clear cancellation policy in place so the guest knows exactly where they stand right from the point of booking their stay.

You may not know where to start so we have put together an article with a list of things you may want to include. From cancellations and payments to pets and swiming pools. What you and your business decide to include is completely up to you, here is a link to our articles with some key areas for consideration, so you can tailor your own T’s & C’s to your needs:

You can also view an example of T&C’s here:, if you intend on using this for your business, we strongly recommend that you amend it to suit your own needs.

We have given you the ability within SCRUMPY to display your terms and conditions under a tab on your property page. This is useful, for example, if someone wanted to take a look before booking their stay. They are always a part of the booking process and a stay won't be considered as booked until these have been agreed to.

Within your admin, if you go to a booking overview page you will be able to see the exact date and time that the guest agreed to your terms for if you ever require this in the future.

For information on how to amend your Booking Terms and Conditions take a look at our help article here: