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The images you display on your holiday property website are an important factor in helping guests to decide whether or not they would like to book a stay at your holiday property.

It is important to give guests lots of images of the property to paint a picture and help them to imagine themselves staying there. When booking a holiday property the main things the guest is interested in is where it is, how much it costs and what it looks like. If your pictures don't do your property justice you could be putting up potential barriers for the guest.  There are many things to consider when taking and deciding on pictures to use when advertising your holiday property.


Make sure you take pictures using good lighting. Ideally on a bright sunny day, with the curtains pulled back. You want your home to look as bright and welcoming as possible. Don't take pictures in the dark with artificial lighting. This can make rooms look smaller and less appealing.

Interior and exterior

Include lots of pictures of both the inside and outside of the property. The guest wants to be able to picture themselves staying there and by giving them a picture of every bedroom, the garden etc they can really start to plan their stay.

Image Quality

Image quality makes a huge difference when deciding on which images to use on your website. You want to give the guest large images so they are not required to zoom in and so they don't appear pixelated on your website.


The time of year and weather is key when taking pictures especially of the outside of your property. Don't take pictures on a grey, gloomy day. Taking pictures on a sunny day not only makes the property look more inviting, it also helps with the guest imagination. I'm sure they will be hoping for lovely weather during their stay.


Make sure the property is tidy with absolutely no clutter. You are trying to give the illusion that this property is here especially for their stay and not that it has been lived in. You want to take nice pictures of clean spaces.

Be Inviting

Within pictures try and make the house look as inviting as possible for the guest. If you have a fire, light it. When taking pictures of the dining area you could lay the table, again to help the guest imagine themselves sitting in your property eating a meal.

No People

You may love the pictures of your family in the swimming pool but the guest doesn't want to see other people using the property and facilities. Likewise, although your holiday property might be dog friendly, the guest is unlikely to want to see a dog sitting on the sofa or walking around in the kitchen. 

We hope you find this guide useful, if you are looking to take new up to date pictures of your holiday property or would like any advice then please get in touch. We are in contact with Photographers and would love to point them in your direction. Here at SCRUMPY we want you to get the most out of your holiday property and are always happy to help!