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Adding new content to your website is really important. It reminds search engines that your website is still there, that someone uses it and that it hasn’t just been left alone. Creating new pages also increases the size of your site, the reach of your online advertising, and in turn, your organic traffic.

Get Found

The idea of getting found on the internet can be a daunting one. Especially when there are almost 2 billion registered websites out there… But there’s promising news, because of that colossal number, only an approximate 30% are in use, and even more surprising, only 1% actively contribute new content. So admittedly that still leaves about 20 million websites, but on the plus side, it’s good to know that the competition doesn’t always put in the effort.

Now unless someone already knows the URL of your website, an individual will have to use a search engine to come across you. The likes of Google, Bing & Yahoo receive an abundance of searches every day. So making yourself stand out from the crowd poses a challenge, but with SCRUMPY this may be easier than you think.

Fresh Content

Search engines favour websites that are active, rewarding those who contribute to the internet with higher search rankings. This is crucial if you are wanting to be found, as when many browse, they don’t necessarily scroll through pages of results, and instead may only look at the first few listings. So by regularly adding to your website and keeping it up to date, you will not only appear more prominently, but are more likely to be found.

This isn’t just a matter of changing the odd sentence or updating your calendar, but actually adding new pages to your site allow visitors to land onto your website via a multitude of new ways. In principle the larger your site, the larger your net and the chance of reeling in a catch.

Don’t Clutter

Just to clarify, this isn’t to suggest that you should flood your website with poor content. Each page on your site should be beneficial to either a new customer or an existing one. With the objective to still provide a great site, that is clean and simple to use, just with an increasing number of ways of getting to it.

If you are successful in reaching out to more visitors, then in theory, your calendar should also fill up with more bookings. Though, this may not be the case if these additional pages are detrimental to your guest's journey and leave your visitors overwhelmed. Enlarging the size of your site should not be at the expense of it’s navigation, but simply open more doors for someone to get to you in the first place. The aim of a landing page, is to entice a visitor, who then clicks through to the rest of your website - as opposed to just adding clutter on your homepage.

Holiday Ideas

With SCRUMPY we make sure that your holiday properties are as search engine friendly as possible, applying the latest techniques and methods to get you seen. To make promoting your business a stress free task, we also provide you with easy to use tools that are built into your websites admin.

Our 'Holiday Ideas' feature allows you to easily create tailored landing pages, that can be focused around a particular search enquiry or topic. They are tidily added to your website, not necessarily obvious and serve the purpose of increasing the footprint of your site. You can take a look at any 'Holiday Ideas' you have added, or any other pages of your website via your 'Sitemap' - which is visible at the bottom of any page.

We have listed below some example categories to get you thinking, and that we would advise you add to your website:  

  • Facilities: eg. Swimming pools, Hot tubs, Saunas, Games rooms etc.

  • Unique: eg. Tree house, Glamping, etc.

  • Birthday milestones: eg. Great for 30th, 40th, 50th celebrations etc.

  • Activity based: eg. Rambling, Hiking, Cycling, Equestrian etc.

  • Type of Guest: eg. Baby friendly, Disabled access, Stag or Hen etc.

  • Holiday/festivals: eg. Easter, Christmas, Local village fair etc.

  • Location based: near nature reserves, AONB etc.

  • Suitability: as a filming location, for use for meetings etc.


If this is something you require help with, then we have a help article available here that explains the easy process of producing a Holiday Idea with your SCRUMPY website. We advise that a paragraph or two with images is more than enough, and the first step to putting yourself out there, and promoting your business for that particular search term.

On the other hand, if you are not a customer and are interested in SCRUMPY’s services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide an all in one service for holiday property owners, with websites packed full of features tailored to the self catering industry.

Just remember, the larger your site, the more likely you are to get increased visits and bookings. Happy holiday idea’ing!