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When going on a holiday it’s always the little personal touches that make it that extra bit special. Many of our owners provide welcome packs for guests arriving at their properties filled with information, essentials and some nice extras for their stay.

We thought it would be a good idea to put together some suggestions to help you to create great welcome packs for your guests to make them feel comfortable settling in to your holiday home.

Information packs

You don’t want to bombard your guests with information as they walk through the door but it’s nice to have some for if they require it throughout their stay.

  • We’d recommend some brief information about you, the owner and the property itself.
  • Some useful numbers for example who to contact in an emergency or the local taxi numbers a good for the guests to have to had.
  • We’d also recommend a short list of dos and don’ts to encourage the guests to respect your property during your stay.
  • It may be nice to provide information about local amenities such as restaurants, bars and shops.
  • The WiFi password is most likely the first thing the kids will be interested in so include that too.

We’d recommend keeping it fairly short and to the point. The chances are the guest has already been given a lot of this information on your website.


After a long journey the last thing your guests want to do is have to go shopping the second they arrive before they’ve been able to unpack and put the kettle on. Here are some essentials we’d recommend providing for your guests:

  • Tea bags
  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Bread

Welcome Gift

Why not go the extra mile and leave a lasting impression on your guests? After all it’s the little touches that guests remember and may even help with their decision on whether they would like to holiday at you property again. Here are a few suggestions for welcome gifts for your guests:

  • Baked goods - you could get creative in the kitchen and provide your guest with some tasty treats to go with a cup of tea when they arrive
  • Bottle of wine - especially for those guests that may arrive in the evening, what better way to celebrate the start of your stay
  • Goody bags for children - just a little something to entertain the kids when they first arrive so the parents can unpack in peace. Include games, sweets, toys etc.
  • Dog treats - if your guests are bringing their furry friend why not provide a gift for them to.
  • Fresh flowers - the perfect way to brighten up your property and welcome your guests.

Of course we wouldn’t expect you to go above and beyond in providing all of these things for your guests but these a just a few ideas for welcome gifts.

We hope this article has been helpful, if it’s repeat business you’re after then we definitely think it’s worth going the extra mile for your guests.