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Technology is ever evolving, which is why it's important not to get left behind. Are the websites and software that promote and manage your business outdated? Introducing SCRUMPY, the future proofed solution for holiday property management.


When making a purchase there are lots of considerations to make. But when it comes down to it, the decision is often weighed up between cost and lifespan. For instance, many of us don’t mind choosing a budget option if we know it is only temporary or a short term solution. On the other hand if a lot is spent on a product, our mindset is that it will be worthwhile, as it is an investment for the foreseeable future.

In the world of websites, this is not always the case.

Technology is ever changing and it is sometimes a struggle to keep up. As soon as something is launched, it may only be ‘new’ for a few months or so, before either:

  • A competitor produces a better product

  • It no longer fulfils requirement

  • The version you have is inevitably replaced

  • Or is not compatible with the changing industry

Just because your website was once good, unfortunately doesn’t guarantee it is now.

Keeping up

Okay, so you’ve identified that you need to do something with your website. Either Apple have announced it is no longer supporting X technology, or Google will stop displaying websites without Z in its search results. What do you do?

Your site may have been fairly new or maybe it wasn’t, either way you need these amendments to keep up with your competitors and still be visible on the internet.

Dependant on the arrangements with your web developer or internet service provider, this is likely something you will be charged for.


So let's say you asked for a few bits to be added to your current website or even for a new website quote; prices would vary depending on the amount of traffic you receive, who you go to and of course the quality you choose. Below gives approximate costs of what to expect:

Design = Free templates, or a £300 > £4,000 one off payment

Hosting = Free, or £150 > £1,000 a year

SSL = £5 > £200 a year

Domain = £5 > £30 a year

Booking Engine = £100 > £2,000 a year

E Commerce = £250 > £2,000 a year

SEO = £150 one off, or £3,000 a year

Marketing = £50 > £2,000 a year

Social = Free, or £200 > £3,000 a year

Content Changes = £50 > £500 per change

Support = £500 > £2,000 a year

As you can see, as much or as little as you like can be spent on a website. But why spend lots or a little if it will need updating again?

The Alternative  

At SCRUMPY we like to be transparent with what we offer. Our no contract, monthly subscription is inclusive of all of the above.

We not only design, build & host your website, but include all of the services above, and offer unlimited updates. This means there is no need to have separate contracts from external providers.

A SCRUMPY website is inclusive of ongoing development and new features, so our websites will never go out of date.

SCRUMPY - built for the future

If you currently have a conventional website and something happens, you either have to pay someone to amend/fix it for you, or you do said thing yourself.

SCRUMPY scenario: no need to act because we already did it last month.

We are always making sure everything behind the scenes is as compliant, compatible and ready as it could possibly be for any technological change. So you don’t have to.  

If you’d like to pay less and get more, then why not pick up the phone or contact us today.