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In order to perform better within search results we always recommend our owners extend their reach by adding fresh new content to their websites. By using our holiday ideas they are able to do just that.

Holiday ideas are a way of creating pages about the type of stays your holiday properties have to offer as well as increasing the size of your website. 

Benefits of using Holiday Ideas:

Fresh unique content

By creating holiday ideas you are adding unique content to your website. It's great to keep your website up to date and search engines love to see an active website which will help improve your position within search results.

Appear for more searches

We are always being asked by our owners how their website can appear for more searches. Growing your website with more landing pages about the various stays you have to offer will inevitably fill your website with more search terms which you will then have the potential to appear for. This means you don't have to soleley focus your site on one thing, remember not every user is going to land on your home page after performing a search. The more landing pages you have the more chance you have of appearing.

Showcase your stays

You may have a lovely cottage for a romantic stay for two which could also be suitable for a father and son fishing trip. By using holiday ideas you can cater for a whole host of different types of holiday. This also gives potential guests a great idea of all the activities and things to do surrounding your property and can really help them to paint a picture in their head of their stay.


Although the SCRUMPY system is designed with search engines in mind, we have provided a whole host of tools, such as holiday ideas to help you expand your reach and really maximise the potential of your holiday property website. We have written a help article on how to set up holiday ideas on your website:

If you would like to find out more about what SCRUMPY has to offer then please do not hesistate to get in touch, we'd love to talk you through our system.