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The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Therefore, we are giving our customers the opportunity the reduce their monthly SCRUMPY bill and potentially earn money if they refer a property owner or agency to us who then signs up to SCRUMPY!

The way this works is that we will give you a 10% commission from every client referral you send us. So for example if you are currently paying us £50pm for one property and your friend who has a property signs up, we will give you 10% of their £50 monthly cost. Your monthly bill has just dropped by £5 to £45 per month. If you referred ten friends then you would pay nothing! In fact, refer enough and we could end up paying you.

What's more, we are not only offering you this as a one off discount, this discount will be in effect for the lifetime of the referred Scrumpy subscription... that's right, forever! 

We feel it is important to reward our customers for bringing in new business. If you are a SCRUMPY customer and are in touch with other property owners or agencies in need of a full property letting system, please let us know and we will be more than willing to give them a demonstration.